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 Biomass Lab in Forlener 2019

The Laboratorio Biomasse partecipated to Forlener '19 fair at Lario Fiere - Erba (CO) May 2019.


                   THE NEWS LAB

A new way to communicate quality report analysis of the pellet (SMART REPORT).

             DEMO SMART REPORT

The new report shows a format for an immediate reading of the analysis and better quality evaluation. For more details:

           Brochure SMART REPORT
                     LB QUALITY

The quality of the Biomass Lab is evaluated by international Round Robin of the Institute Fur Bioenergie (Wien).

    ISO 9001 certificate January 2019

        We are certified
ISO 9001:2015 



Determination of woody biomass in solid biofuel

European policy promotes renewable energies and sets specific targets. Solid biofuels can play a...


Investigation of woodchip quality: Relationship between the most important chemical and physical parameters

Considering the global warming and the climate change of the past few decades, European public...


Evaluation of the characteristics of vineyard pruning residues for energy application: effect of different copper-based treatments

The use of biomass obtained in a more sustainable way, as represented by agricultural wastes, should...

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